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How do you fit all your stuff on a bike?!

The first step in fitting your stuff onto a bike is to make a pile of all the things you want to bring. Then get rid of half of it. Then halve it again and then maybe if you pack really well it will squish into the various dry bags and compression sacks you're playing with before wrangling it all onto your pannier rack.

This is my first solo cycling adventure, and fitting the entire tent, stove, pot, first aid kit, repair stuff, food, all of my clothing, a sleeping bag, thermarest and of course my glorious PILLOW (I'm serious about the pillow, it's amazing) was a daunting task. Somehow it all got onto the bike with even a little room to spare! Like a cubic centimetre or two.... but every bit counts!

After getting everything situated, the real moment of truth comes when you hop on and take the rig, for a wobbly spin around the yard. When you have determined that your tires won't pop from the weight, your pannier rack won't crumble and you can brake, shift AND steer, you're ready for the open road!

The bike, affectionately known as Black Beauty passed the test with flying colours! We rumbled down the driveway into the beautiful cemetery below cheering with delight! Well, I did the cheering part and experienced the first of many embarrassing biking moments to come: an older chap was out for a peaceful stroll amidst the trees and I didn't see him until I roared past, turned around and then suddenly spied him. His mouth was agape and he leaned on his cane as I waved, said hello and apologized for disturbing his time. He wordlessly watched me return from the direction I had so magically appeared from, up the hill into an opening in the forest. It must have been quite the sight...a cyclist in a sundress laughing and talking to herself having materialized out of thin air.

Tomorrow is my first day on the road and I am SO ready to stop planning and start going. All that's left to do is clean up my wake of pre-trip disaster in the house. It has been a wild and very full couple of weeks preparing and sitting on my butt all day looking around at the scenery is just what the doctor ordered! How hard could it be?!?

The car is already parked out of the way for the next month! Black Beauty roams again!

This is the pared down version!!

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