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About Me

Hi! My name is Adrien Rawley. I am the motor....and so are you! 

My life is heart-centrered, joyful and even in the face of challenge, full of gratitude. The gifts of my body's ability to power me through my days and my mind's ability to be engaged never ceases to amaze me. 

I grew up on the coast of Maine, nestled in the forest by the ocean. With space to roam and my mother's words of "If you get lost, just walk're bound to turn up on a road or the shore, and then you'll know where you are!" the natural world was a place of safety, wonder and exploration. The plants, animals, seasons and weather were my first teachers and to this day, my guides.

Basing myself in the beautiful Gaspereau Valley of Nova Scotia has allowed a deep connection to the land and all of its inhabitants. Adventures near and far, big and small and always under human power are the way I make sense of my life and support others to do the same. I garden and hold space for people as they process their life's journey. When I am invited to tend and recover the gardens of others, a healing journey begins for the garden's humans...young and old, experienced and otherwise. Together, we learn, reflect, remember and process all the life the garden has witnessed. I believe that gardens are a reflection of the state of our inner worlds and it is always an honour to be welcomed in. The forest is nature's garden and my greatest source of energy and inspiration. Empowering other wimyn to find their way and inner strength through the act of pulling weeds, creating order out of chaos and stepping into the forest is my life's work.  I am grateful for opportunities to work for The Nova Scotia Sea School as well, supporting youth to become compassionate leaders through the lessons of teamwork and life in the wilderness .

I didn't grow up camping, our family-run greenhouse business was the sole summer focus. But I grew up outside, with just enough field guides in the house to ignite my little naturalist's brain. I knew If I could learn how to camp, then I could spend even more time outside and be home wherever I was. So I did, making every single mistake possible along the way. Over the years, the camping season became 365 days long and eventually several multi-week expeditions became part of my life's experience. 

I have travelled by rowboat, bicycle, canoe, snowshoe and foot thousands of kilometres from central Ontario to the coast of Labrador, Lake Superior to James Bay, The Lower North Shore of Quebec, from northern New Brunswick to the coast of Maine and backpacked all over New Zealand. All unique adventures, all showing me what I was capable of and that a respectful, awake and intuitive mind allows a person to be safely carried and supported by the land that is traveled. Time is transcended, and the challenges are innumerable, never ending and very real. When you become part of the landscape for 30 days, 60 days, 90 days you enter the dance of negotiating your survival with your surroundings. 

While on trip, the moments of challenge are what build resiliency. The moments of deep awe and connection  remind me I AM part of the natural world and bring understanding. The moments of disbelief and amazement of how incredible this earth is strengthens my resolve to help share its story and protect it to the best of my humble abilities.

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