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How did you make out in the rain?! Day 2

Home for the night: Selma

Distance: 60.2 km

Weather: misty and calm in the morning with a few light showers. Clearing, strong westerly winds all afternoon and SUN!

B: Eggs Benedict with local bacon and the best damn home fries ever at The Flying Apron Inn and Eatery

L: chocolate zucchini cake from the Walton pub, cheese, jerky, half an energy bar, trail mix

D: miso and ramen soup with fresh kale picked up at a someone's house plus chocolate for dessert!


rolling, breezy hills

The tide comes in and then out

up and down and up


The rain last night was something else. It absolutely pounded down in the little orchard I was camped out in. The gnarled old trees were my saving grace and I woke up dry enough, much to my surprise! I might also add it was 9:30 AM. No wonder I felt so great today! 10 hours of sleep is magic :)

I had decided last night that I needed to eat a meal at The Flying Apron just up the hill from where I was camped. I've heard a million excellent things about the food and I don't know the last time I went out for brunch. It exceeded my expectations! A lovely atmosphere, friendly and genuine staff, amazing food and a funky, clever decor complete with gallery and a piano! I was reminded that one of the pitfalls of travelling by bike is how limited by space I am and as such, can't buy all the amazing soaps, relishes, frozen food and clever gift this one:

Hahahahahahah! Butter lovers unite!

I met Melissa the owner and we had a heartfelt chat about life at my table on the deck under the grapevines. A fellow american turned Canadian, we could have talked for hours! I felt pretty charged for my day with a generous helping of coffee, sweet human connection and a belly full of hollandaise sauce.

The ride today was so lovely. Rolling terrain, but few gut busting hills compared to yesterday. Sunny meadows. Fields of horses. Corn reaching for the sky. All with the beautiful red and blue back drop of the Minas Basin.

I finally can no longer see where I've come from. Yesterday brought me almost full circle back to across the water from only 10 kms from my house! I now can see the shore I'll start cycling westwards on after reaching Truro. I caught my first glimpses of Five Islands from the top of a hill today, a place I spent the summer years ago doing field research. I have such fond memories it will be lovely to return!

No gas stations, grocery stores or much in the way of businesses today...and for a gorgeous Sunday, few automobiles. HOWEVER I have seen many motorbikes and am delighted to report that at least 75% of them wave to ME!! Little ol' me with a plaid shirt grinding up hills singing James Brown songs. It makes me feel pretty cool to be part of the low, side-armed, peace fingered salute of the biker gang world.

Ride ON!

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You go butter girl! Hope the wind isn’t too much!❤️

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