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How did your first day go?!

Home for the night: Summerville beach

Distance: 60.7 kms

Weather: calm and overcast giving way to sunny skies and a nice breeze, giving way to storm clouds and torrential rain

B:fried eggs on toast with quark cheese and pesto. Yogurt and blueberries too

L: a strawberry "scrumpet" from bakery enroute

D: homemade dehydrated tomato and eggplant stew with couscous and cheese. Chocolate and tea too!


at last, in motion

the wheels and wind and freedom

ride on girl, ride on


I did it!! I actually got my butt on the road! With much to do in the morning I knew it would be a bit of a later start. No matter, it was pleasant and not stressful and I hit the road after goodbye hugs from Adam and Holly, at 11:30. I was practically cackling with glee as I made my way along my usual route as if headed to work. There's something extra special about leaving from your own doorstep.

A beautiful ride to Windsor and a beautiful ride to Summerville. Biking is the BEST! I have been pleasantly surprised at how good I felt riding a fully loaded bike. Tomorrow morning may be a different story, but for now I will relish the newness of being on trip.

The rain is really coming down right now and we'll see how my new, suspiciously cheap tent fares. Being in a tent in the rain is one of my favourite things. Especially if i get my home up Before it starts raining. Especially when I'm this tired and could sleep through the whole thing collapsing on me!

Much more could be written about the sights seen and kind, generous humans met along the way....another time.

Signing off for a serious amount of sleep!

Helmet and gloves are ON!!! laughing about how much work it takes to make these things happen or at the culmination of emotions and excitement!

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