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What happened to all the blog posts Adrien?! Days 26 and beyond!

Greetings all!!

This is coming at you from foggy Black Beach, New Brunswick, south of Saint John!

I am happy, well and ready to get myself home this coming week!! It's hard to believe that my life has been on the road for so long two days, it will officially be one month. Crazy!

Something that has begun to be a struggle in the last few days is my phone not holding a charge very well. Then again, neither am I. No matter how much I plug in my phone/how much I eat....the batteries run down very quickly! Because of this, the amount of writing I have been able to do electronically is almost nil. Rest assured, my faithful leather bound trip log is full of words to share once I can have consistent access to a plug.

The seasons are officially changing and a nippy swim/shower in the Kennebecasis river yesterday had me very ready for some creature comforts....for more than a night! Tomorrow morning, bright and early Black Beauty and I will board the Fundy Rose ferry, bound for Digby, Nova Scotia!!!

Much, much, much more to come soon. Love and hugs to you, wherever you may be!!



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